Database driven MVC Model Binding, Validation, and Metadata

One of classic MVC paradigms is that you can bind class models to a view, and with attribute based annotations, you can have synchronized server and client side validations on them. This concept is absolutely brilliant! Code once and you don’t have to worry about duplicating your server side logic in the untrustworthy browser.

This is all fine and dandy if your validation logic and your models don’t change often. Consider the scenario that you are developing an application that will likely change over time. Or perhaps, you need to develop your app such that the client has put it in the requirements that they need to have control over the content long after you have completed the app. If they need to control the content and the form fields (inputs), those inputs will still need to be validated.

Enter database driven model validation, binding and metadata.

I have successfully developed implementations of the following, which accomplish exactly what I need:


My implementations heavily leverage the power of the extensible MVC DataAnnotations providers which read the attribute based metadata that you can decorate your classes with.

The code that I have written is currently in a state that is tightly bound to the database schema of the project I am currently working on. My plan is to extract the juice from the project so that the code is reusable to all.

I’m sorry to say that at this point, I have no code examples, but they will surely follow!


2 thoughts on “Database driven MVC Model Binding, Validation, and Metadata

  1. Flip

    Any progress on this? I have a need to solve the same problem and am having a hard time coming up with an elegant solution.


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