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Andy Cohen

April 14, 2012

I attended the Social Media presentation given by Brandy Favilla just before lunch.  I’m torn between the following presentations:

Each has it’s benefits. I’m trying to weigh in on which technologies I might actually leverage in upcoming apps and my level of enthusiasm for each.

I’m thinking that the Async talk on the upcoming features of .NET 4.5 will be discussed would be the most broad. Probably on the table will be the Async CTP that should be going RTM by October.

On the other hand, I’m involved in a ton of web apps. SignalR is an emerging technology I’ve wanted to pursue since attending KRTConf in Portland late last year.

Alternatively, considering Dart, which I’ve never heard of – the possibility of a programming alternative to JavaScript is a little daunting. Recently I’ve worked with .less, an abstraction of css which ultimately renders css. It has come not without it’s hiccups. If Dart is anything similar, I do not see wide adoption. Dotless (.less) is a compiled form of less. Without native support in the browser, I do not see this going very far.

Hmm… choices.